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Botanical name: Τhymus vulgaris

Family: Labiatae

Common thyme, garden thyme or just thyme.

Plant Description

Thyme is a small shrub height (up to 30 cm), with erect stems, extremely durable,which emits very pleasant aroma. Constituents Thyme essential oil containing 1-2%. The main component of the essential oil of thyme is thymol or otherwise, thyme camphor at 20-54%.


Thyme is an extremely useful plant and one of the best antiseptic and tonic herbs. It is rather the plant with more beneficial properties.

Thyme extract can prevent from colds and asthma,fever and migraines. It fights the flu, intestinal disorders, skin infections and hair loss. It has proven to be an antispasmodic of the digestive tract, so it helps digestion and calms the nervous contractions of the stomach and bowel. In addition, it helps to reduce stress and mental depression.

Moreover, it heals sores, boils, burns, and increases the flow of urine and menstrual. There have been references to thyme as medicine for leprosy, paralysis and nerve problems.


A new study shows that thyme oil can reduce inflammation. The researchers compared thyme oil with six other oils -among them the oil of eucalyptus, rose, fennel and bergamot - and found that thyme oil has powerful properties that inhibit COX-2 enzymes wich promote inflammation, swelling and pain in the body.