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Spearmint water 150ml

Spearmint water is used for cleaning facial skin. It is ideal for oily-mixed and stressed skin. It tightens the pores, tones and refreshes the skin. It is useful to combat skin irritations and itching, perspiration, insect bites (in combination with lavender and lemon balm water) as well as mild sun burns because of its disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.

The best choice for a foot bath as it softens and keeping your feet in excellent condition, gaining the smooth texture that they deserve and a great recipe to refresh and rejuvenate the skin on the scalp and restore the health of the hair, as you enjoy the beneficial and cooling properties of mint. It can be used as a natural product in the manufacture of cosmetic creams, moisturizing lotions and handmade toothpaste.

For all skin types.

Everyday use all over the year.

Once or twice daily.

Parabens Free.

External use.